awkward turtle…

The time has come to FESS UP.
I took a risk a few months ago…

… I put my Twitter account on my side bar of my blog. Hardly anyone follows my Twitter account that is on Facebook world, and I have more followers (and more locally!) on Facebook than on Twitter.

There are so many quotes about the differences in behavior between Twitter and Facebook. But basically, I feel that on both my blog here, and on Twitter… I am going to start needing to behave –

more professionally. 🙂

This doesn’t mean I won’t be “weird.” I’m afraid there’s not much we can do about that. It DOES mean that I won’t be QUITE as:
1. emo
2. outspoken (in a FLAGRANT way)
3. sweary (this is the important one)
4. tacky and/or offensive.

My content will always be appropriate for all ages. If I link to any artistic content that is questionable or NSFW (not suitable for work); I will be giving warnings and disclaimers.

This has been hard for me, because my Twitter account has been a place where I have a ton of friends and they all know me to say whatever the …

…$%&^ I want. This has been important to me, especially in the last 5 years. You who have known me in the last year know this. In the last 3-5 years? Even more. In the last TEN … then you REALLY KNOW.
(THAT is a very OLD link that goes WAY back. it’s slowly being archived into submission!)

If you DO know me, even recently.. you’ll know that I’m a bit.. off the beaten path. I have dealt with myself and how I have been by splitting myself into pieces a bit. I keep myself in many different ways. It’s why I have projects and things, and why I move to and from different places in my mind. I’m confusing. I confuse myself.

I set up multiple accounts in places not to be confusing, but to have a place to go if it got hot. Now, if you know me as anything else, and you get tired of my shiny smiles on Twitter … you will have another couple places to go to hear a very real voice of mine. The darker, more “suspicious” part of me is going to be taking up a LOT of the slack now that I am becoming more respectable – and as for the worm…

Well, don’t pay ANY attention to HIM!!!!!

Confused? Well, ME TOO!

awkward turtle…

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