Happy Helvetica

I’m really happy yesterday and I couldn’t really figure out why. I wanted to find out the cause of this mysterious … um.. mystery (chucka-chuk) … so I did some research.

I listened to the Joe Show (Duality Joe) and then skipped out early to go to Casa Garcia’s for Nachos and Margaritas (sorry, Joe – he told me to “have fun”)

I was happy yesterday


1. The fact that that was in no way grammatically correct.

2. The fact that I am going to work on a project that I’ve been DYING to finish, that is gratuitous. Or not. Because I think I have to entertain. Oh whale. And do another project that just came up. No, I can’t talk about it. Mostly because my word on finishing things and deadlines is about as solid as bubble yum bubbles after this year I’ve had and…

3. … I am currently working on fifteen things! So responsible! I had to make a list called FIFTEEN THINGS just in a text file and put it on my desktop. It doesn’t even include cleaning up the cylon, which I s’pose makes it sixteen. I also have to clean my house and there’s other stuff too. Add laundry. There’s at least 20.

I’m going to say some other stuff about happy-yesterday.

4. So. Google did this thing for April Fools. They fixed it by now (I nabbled this off someone’s flickr).

5. I was looking up helvetica though, and apparently there is a film about it.
I didn’t spell “helvetica” the whole way through when I did the search the first time. I spelled it “hel
and then “helve
It’s funny… because I’ve been thinking LOTS war.. and Vikings, and synchronicity.. for various reasons.
This is the best silly song about Vikings Manowar ever did.

This is my favorite Viking themed song right now.
I would like to dedicate this to my friend Jaime, who is having his bachelor party and getting married soon.

6. I was also talking to a friend who isn’t well yesterday. For some whacky reason, THIS came up in the conversation. This particular thing struck me.

7. Speaking of geeky and viking and oh yeah, Joe’s on the radio again tonight sometime tonight American time-you’ll have to checkIdunno… f you hear this song it will go through your head.

8. I was shown THIS artist yesterday. My friend played me this song in the car and I was just transfixed by this woman’s vocal. Am thinking about trying my completely unsuitable voice on some R&B. My friend also likes a Houston artist called Zero. I will have to ask some of the radio folks if they know him, if they are anywhere around tonight.

9. I need THIS t-shirt!

10. Both Flappy and Suspicious Den (those ruffians!) have revealed the general location of Xondor; so I may as well come clean…

Well, I’m going to bed now!!! In closing, I’d like to remind everyone of a silly cover I did of one of Joe’s tunes, for his birthday last year. Unless you’d rather I didn’t.

(Perhaps this will convince him to hurry up and get postable the cover he did of mine. I’ve gotta keep you updated on as much ~Joe’n’Den~ doings as possible.. because we are not producing heaps right this second (although we are participating in the second Song Cycle) – so there is not much to fill the blog up except with silly nonsense facts. 🙂 )


Happy Helvetica

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