amazing surprises!

1. First off, people who buy MULTIPLE albums from my bandcamp and also manage to make super nicehappy LISTy things whilst they do it get many appreciative smiles and make my mood very nice. So YAY!

I’ll just say, getting attention like that from my music site for me in that way at this time has meant so much. I’ve been down and have felt like the only person in the world.. Like a pesky annoying little flea. I’ve got hard times now and still ahead and this is a perk. It makes me feel like I can accomplish my goals!

2. You know though … 😉 my albums are free ….. btw… if you wanted….
(I think they made me make the cake album that for the donatey button)

(Hey, I said whilst, and I’m an American! 🙂 ….)

3. I am still doing well in songfight. I just got really nailed in one of the reviews by a critique. It was RIGHT on point. He talked about my song development.. direction. He also mentioned Courtney Love and Tori Amos in the same sentence. I just nodded and smiled.

Some people feel I am fine as I am, and some feel I am still needing to construct a vocal style. I guess this is what I’m doing. Whoever is reading and listening is my proto-fan base.. and they will hear me grow up. In Rock Star years I am really like a teenager, even though I am getting to be an old woman..

I feel as though if I just conquer the feeling of shy dependency and fear.. I can walk through the world in my oblivious distraction again. I have a right to be here. Walking around like I own the place.. not asking permission.

4. Soon you wont even know I’m old! Its almost HAIR DAY!!!

5. I often wonder why certain songs get the “uunnnh. eeeh..” In this case, the lack of development could have done it. Or me the artist falling out of favor because of a style change. I’ve been noticing my style change since Spintunes. I honestly don’t know what a Den song is anymore. But I also never really thought of myself in nicknames either. Not till Denni, which is not a music name it’s a writing name. It’s a wife name. A friend name. My duality-reality.. and I don’t mean like my band. I mean like why I wrote ‘Why.’ The reasons we named the band Duality. It’s because we are dual-natured. It’s not two halves making a whole.. it’s two wholes presenting an invitation into a wormhole to usher the listener to a journey of light, of love. We find our completeness in our lightness.. and our darkness. I guess you need help and a little conflict and back-and-forth to do that.

6. I think I am finding allies in strange places. There is definitely congruence in the air.

7. I think social networking might be distracting me again though…

It’s eating time!!
This blog is SOOOOOO disjointed!!!

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amazing surprises!

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