My Very First Songfight Reviews

I am DJ Ranger Den, and I went and posted songfight reviews. If you vote – vote for all the ones you like.

I have to wait to vote, because someone already did from my house!

Anyway here’s my reviews!

I am a goober that should not be writing reviews. I’m not saying anything bad about myself, this is just simple Fact. I feel wracked with guilt and I hate to criticize. I enjoy listening to all the songs and I feel like you are all my people. Even though I am quiet and don’t really “know” anyone. I lurk all the time (a lot of times not signing in!)… and I usually write lyrics and sometimes songs and don’t get them in on time (for most every fight). Since I feel like I’m not really giving back – here goes nothing. I hope that these aren’t too horrid because this community has been just really great! 🙂

*The Chadderandom Abyss
There’s an aspect of this that reminds me of Primus. I think if things had been balanced perfectly in a spatial way, your strange decisions would have come across and made your point more successfully. Your uses of pause and silence could come across better with a step up the production ladder. I of course am all too familiar with increasing effectiveness of your message with better production, so what can I say. I lost your point a bit, but did not dislike, as I enjoy the experimental. 🙂

*Johnny Cashpoint
I was drawn in immediately. I wanted your backup vocals to be softer. Your lyrics were catchy and your steel drums were fun. The synthy-horn thing poked out a little bit in the middle, but when the solo comes in it’s happy yay time. It was a little distorty for me at the end. I like anyone who is successful with drums – as I can’t seem to get my #$^ together on that front.

Neato rap thing! Well produced with all the right robotty noises and synthy things. For some reason it didn’t melt my butter. It was uber catchy though. With really nifty effects. I’m gonna listen to it some more. I probably wanted some handclaps near the end because I am a dork who is completely inappropriate, and should not be writing these reviews.

*The Panna Cotta Army
Awesometoast! Your snare sounds amazing and this is hooky as hell. Your chord progression is awesome. The layering and vocal effects and turnarounds are all great and this is highly coverable. I don’t really have anything bad to say, although I would have had that synth poke out at a slightly lower level at the end. That’s just a matter of personal taste though and didn’t detract in any way.

oh my! lyrics… cute, buteek, eek! this is tight and I really like the way the drums sound! Ended abruptly. I really like your vocal. Like a LOT. I would say that you have a sexy voice but that’s horribly forward of me. This is the kind of “punkesque” vocal I dig on though (I SO should not write reviews……)
Very garage-y (durrr), but sounds a lot better than any of my garage-y recordings ever ever did!

*James Owens
The instrumental felt too distorty to me. I can’t decide how I feel about your vocal.. I spent a lot of time wondering what effect I would put on it. I really enjoyed your bridge. Especially the stops and rhythm changes. Oh, and I’m one of those people that thinks a flute in a song is WIN. This was interesting and creative with nice lyrics. It kinda went on.. (wow, I’m a little hypocritical here…) The organ-out at the end was worth the wait thru.

your vocal – mmmmmmm…. I wanted another instrument in the mix though. It’s probably because your voice sounds very sophisticated to me and there is just a simple guitar in a drone pattern (which fits the song, and subject; as does the percussion). Maybe a violin or woodwind instrument, even a sample of some kind? Harmonies were nice. I liked the picking and the tone of the guitar. Pleasant surprise when the high vox came in, but it didn’t fulfill my need for more instrumentation. I’d love to arrange this and throw a cello or viola in there. It’s groovy (i sound pretentious).

*Cabbage Stare
(I am predisposed to like your song because you have the most bitchin’ band name. I have not pressed play).
I did turn it down because I thought you were trying to kill me. Funnily enough, as soon as the vocal came in, all my alarms for ‘April Fools Day’ came right on at the stroke of midnight. Your song perhaps came across as more effective than it should, because of this? I don’t know. But you have a voice perfect for this type of mind-%&*$#%… and I can’t talk because of this one instrumental I alienated everyone with in a contest once. Gerbil-paw of approval. I will listen again though, probably in the dark through monitors with a lava lamp. Well played, Cabbage, well played.

*Schlimminy Cricket
this sounds like it should be at the end of a movie. or an episode of weeds. lyrics wow. chord progression great. development is great with the bell-like percussion stuff. Very professional. Way into this. It would be good for closing credit stuff because it goes on a tad too long (again, I’m a hypocrite; or need to go to bed.). Something else could have been thrown in and the song wouldn’t have suffered. Or maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, and it is just fine as is.

**DJ Ranger Den, who is me
(disclaimer, because I know about this song… I know why I did things).
1. the typing is a bit alienating, and I’m surprising you didn’t get cracked for this more than just by Travis. You’ll have to blog.
2. Stop being lazy. If you’re going to record vocals in the closet, put a mic in the closet. You live in a damn recording studio!
3. It needs another instrument. Like a cello or something. Because it gets boring. The gong work gets arbitrary and smashy near the end. It’s got potential but you’ll have to recut the vocal (shame, it’s a good performance – see if you can pull it off again!) and develop it more.
GOOD song though, can you do it a couple more times in a row around here?
4. Bridge? WTH? No one can understand that! You’ll have to use a different effect or recut the rhythm on that vocal.
(thank you for indulging this self-criticism. {ninja bow})

*Die Toten Schlagohosen
this rules. it makes me want to dance. this is a robot song of high caliber and I’m going to be singing that little phrase tomorrow. The bass is devastating. this is the cutest thing ever. A tad simplistic perhaps, maybe it’s the theme song for the hell which santa’s elves go to if they don’t do Toys well enough. That’s what I’m going with. Normally, I’d roll my eyes at anything smacking of panflute (which is Satan’s ukelele).. but this is brilliantly applied, inspiring even.

*Paco del Stinko
this is the one where I REALLY heard the lyrics the most. Where I felt the subject.
“you don’t get the sleeves, but you do get the rest…”
best line of the whole contest. The guitar arpeggio was a bit high for me, The guitar solo, was a bit ROCK for me though… The bridge was really cool and then got WEIRD, but you held on, man. Last chord progression was tasty like jalepeño. urn!

Fun-tastic round.
I did it.
Denise who is,
DJ Ranger Den

ps. I’m posting this before I chicken out, and go back and write only compliments.

My Very First Songfight Reviews

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