REALLY small list

1. i’m a lil emo tonight.
2. joe has RELATIVES. so he didn’t just fall off a tree. i know I’m blogging about him a lot, but this is because we’re the geeky musicians for the month. links will be provided when I have slept more than from stupid o’ clock to Dumb in the morning.
3. I’m gonna go watch TV (asleep) couchin’ w/the husband, who I don’t blog about that much. I actually have a list of goofy stuff he’s done that needs to be Reported Upon. More on the Australian soon.

Also hopefully more Duality stuff since we ARE up, maybe a Denise thing, more moaning and groaning about being sick and tired of sick tiredness (hope not!), and more organizin.

Stay crunchy!

REALLY small list

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