1. I have had a LOT to blog about and about 10 back blogs to post. I will probably have to do an additional blog post which is a list of back posts, with a guide.
2. The reason I am posting this excuse here, rather than a post, is that I am going through a sad time. Also I am sick. If you are sick, and sad, then you get to faff off.
3. I am not depressed, or out of balance. I am just sad.
3. Events continue to surprise and astound me.
4. I realized there are two number threes. I am THAT lazy.
5. Duality is a Geeky Pleasure. I’ve blogged about it in several places though, so I’m going to lazily not provide a link.
7. Baby phoenix. Hmm. Reality? Meh. I’ve got dryads to appease. And I want the moon. Being fatalistic is indeed, not my style.

More about the weather later … more posts and stuff.


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