Repetition and Crazy

1. We’re going to eat Dim Sum this morning
2. I am REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY tired because I’ve been helping a … uh….. “colleague” with a “thing.”
3. I am still calm because I got a Mario Mushroom. I will post photos of him in his natural environment.
4. Blogging angry is not a good idea. So I won’t do it.
5. I do have a fight or flight response. To danger. But the danger I’m in is hard to pin down. Where does it come from? Is it inside me?
6. Flight doesn’t work. Fighting is dramatic. This is pretty much true of life’s little situations that miff us off.

A good word I learned from a tweep I still owe a blog to (ack!) is “meh.”

Apathy, my friends. When you don’t have any effect and you are basically a tablecloth or a piece of wallpaper…

Remember you have two feet and you’re not furniture. There’s a dynamic world of people out there who want to hear my next song; my next sentence.

I will not lose hope or heart.

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Repetition and Crazy

2 thoughts on “Repetition and Crazy

  1. JoAnn says:

    There are more ways to react than just fight or flight. The other two are free and cooperate. Yeah, that last isn’t as nicely alliterative, but it is still true.
    Big bear is chasing you. Flight- run away! Fight- whap him with your piano! Freeze- hold vewwy vewwy still and meybe he goes away and doesn’t notice you. Or just sniffs a lil. Cooperate- toss him your sandwich and be his friend. Toss a taco if you want to be GOOD friends. These is more than one way out, hon.

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