the secrets of moving about socially

1. my partner who can see stuff intimated that there was kind of a secret handshake. he didn’t really explain. i wasn’t really WHINING about it exactly, but i sort of was, because repeated rejection hurts and I wanted to know, like I once wanted to know in Austin (with people who, frankly have REALLY cool hair; where, I have to say, fewer people I have encountered in the “internet circles in which I Move seem to”). But it is all about acceptance. Whether it be with pocket protectors for fashion or actual necessity, or skinny jeans (leaving out the should/shouldn’t debate on that for the moment).
2. I suck at fraternity. This is because I often spill punch. I stay in the kitchen. No, that’s a lie. I usually actually stay in my room. That’s even worse. I thought the internet would be PERFECT for this.
3. I learned a LOT in a chat session yesterday. It pretty much told me that I was a weirdo and there was nothing I could, or should do about this. I have given myself the deadline of a week to stop whining about it.
4. I think it’s more that the last time I did this, my migration into myself was a lonely one.

I am going back to where I was before. Because right now, I am WAY outside my comfort zone. I put myself out there and it didn’t really go as planned. All that really happened was I wasted some time. And I am an introvert. And we must accept this. And at this point in time, I am actually going to go on that limb an use the royal “we.”

What really bothered me this week was that I was talking to my aunt last week, and I knew more about the goings on of people who are really not all that concerned with me than I knew about things I should be conversing with her freely about. Things I learned at university. Things we have in common. Because I am a pianist.

The insidiousness of a thing only becomes a danger if you let it. Right now, I have let coffee become a problem. Does that make it evil?

If I drink six cups a day, yes.

Den, you’re grounded.

the secrets of moving about socially

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