sound barriers

i can assure you
it went by unnoticed
as these things do
for it sneaks up on you
though it isn’t ok
the inevitable decay of our senses

first one, then another
the frequencies falling away
they whine, there’s a protest of air
like a crustacean hitting a tank
we think “WICKED!” “That concert
was bitchin’!”
…but I’m not really talking about that;
the eventual loss of the highest
which is seven times higher than
Soprano Mosquitos can hear
… once again I believe that my meaning’s unclear..

I’m talking of the package of stimuli.
Which no one had voted upon
The constant assault on our retina
the not knowing where thought was coming from
A head full of answerless questions
not knowing what to release
what to keep
what to throw into the deep

and then finally the POP!
at a final reaction
when the goddess decided
to void the transaction
the card machine cracked
Send the merchandise back
(how many magazines, really, do we lack?)

Let’s go home….
… or whatever that means
to wherever we are still allowed
and if we are welcomed then try to find there in the world
The last small scraps of sound

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sound barriers

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