List of #Protips

1. Twitter lists can be our friends. Facebook filters even more so.
2. Timers are handy electronic devices.
3. Nature is pretty and refreshes our brains.
4. If you do not exercise certain muscles, they will begin to atrophy.
5. There are tweets, replies, and DMs. All so useful. For not cluttering up the public stream. It’s easy to get distracted.
6. Never cross the streams.
7. It’s okay to retract a statement.
8. Be proud of your secrets and you can be leisurely about having to contain your oops-ies.
9. You can never be too careful with OTHER PEOPLE’S secrets. Leave them to VERY careful emails or MANICALLY careful messages or texts.
10. Have fun out there. It’s really not that big a deal.

List of #Protips

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