Five Random Items

1. I drank from the tumblr today (ooo! ooo! see how clever I am! I made a funny!) Watch as I LINK TO IT as well! WOWZA!
2. Dear sweet Chicago-Flavored-HotDog-w/those-hot peppers-which-make-me-feel-not-really-guilty-enough-about-eating-pork !; I linked the HELL out of my page on the big T today. so I’m not linkin to the link page. I was about to make some horrible joke about how it was a Linking Park over there. Well, I guess I just did, so I shall dedicate number three to a resounding
3. boooooooooooooooo
4. I’m in a really weird mood. About my life and my “career” and stuff.
5. I feel good though. Like I slid home and didn’t get tagged out. So that’s good. 🙂

Five Random Items

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