List of Short, Applicable Sentences

1. I’m afraid
2. I’m suspicious
3. I’m smart.
4. I’m lonely
5. No I’m not. I have a rich full life. I’m totally kidding! Ha, ha!!
6. I’m still a little sick. #iwillnotelaborate #oooooiamverymysterious
7. I apologize
8. I’m angry.
9. I can’t say it.
10. I don’t know what to do.
11. I need more information, please.?
12. I shall have to proceed, non-according to plan
13. My persona is not really a joke.
14. Why can’t I say the angry, dirty words?
15. I am so sorry.
16. Why are you here?
17. Was this the worst decision EVER or what?
18. Is anybody even listening?
19. Do these vague questions fit anyone else’s life situation?
20. Thank you. From the bottom of my everything.

List of Short, Applicable Sentences

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