Vive la me

1. I am working on many blogs right now, and listening to my songwriting partner do a radio show where he is actually the entire theme of the show – that being that all the songs feature his name somehow. I have been worrying about my ability to publicize myself and I s’pose I should stop feeling guilty immediately about taking up space in the universe.
2. I am thinking about writing for another blog. I am not sure about this. But I have learned today that it is okay to be angry and that there are places that people like me can go to yell and scream. I will sit with this for a while. I asked a tentative question and got immediate … acceptance.
3. I am eating delicious tacos and finishing off a day of feeling rather important kind of winding down in my typical way.
4. The world got bigger again tonight. It got bigger vertically last night, and then horizontally again today. I remembered that I live in a city in the world. And that I am connected, myself, to all sorts of things.
5. I can choose to do what I want, and do what I want, and go where I want.
6. My life is much the same, and nothing has changed. But I don’t have to be in fear.

I am not powerless.

It’s weird. Listening to songs of revolution that have little or nothing to do with me.

… maybe. That all depends on what I’m actually fighting for.

Vive la me

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