A Kinder, Gentler Den

1. UPDATE. I have wrestled my album from the clutches of the la’borg (it’s like a balrog, but with Justin Bieber playing sometimes).
2. Now I feel I must blog about this.
3. Realized to my chagrin I owe people songs, tracks and favors. Got no right to be bitchin and moanin. Resolve to be more New Yearsy.
4. Think that I am blogging more than I am practicing and writing. Realize that I am using ATXBlogathon as an excuse for this and wonder what’s gonna be my excuse next week. Wonder if I could parlay this into a career of some kind. Hmmm.
5. I’m smart, clever, resourceful. Someone should pay me to tap dance. No! Of course I can’t tap dance! But I can sure entertain you trying to pretend I can.
6. Randall and I heard a BBC radio show about Gypsy Rose. That certainly fills your brain up with ideas. Hmm.
7. You can pretty much do whatever you want if you frickkin stop whining.
8. I know I will get quoted on that later. Crap.

A Kinder, Gentler Den

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