a sense of belonging

1. I just wrote a very emo blog that doesn’t make sense.
2. I have very little stability or center in my “professional” world. This is in quotes for a reason.
3. I have a gig this weekend that’s coming up and I am grasping at straws. The thing I’m hanging onto is that it’s 40min long and I can do that in my sleep.
4. I’m a little afraid of the blogging convention because of the new people and my tendency to hole-up. I’m kinda crowd-shyish.
5. I’m also afraid because I have/had definite plans that are resting on things out of my control. I swear that I won’t get into these sitches, and yet they keep pop-pop-popping up.
6. All my bloggy places should need to link up … and I don’t know if they … can. Or … do. All the ME’s that are ME need to MESH. Or some will just … disintegrate. I don’t know if I am safe all the way across the board.
7. All I can do is keep making lists. And not be afraid to make those scary looking spreadsheets of dates and calendars and venues.

I think I’m forming a balloon that won’t pop. There will be experts. We will see …..

a sense of belonging

2 thoughts on “a sense of belonging

  1. I liked something I read once about going to a convention type situation and pretending that you are the type of person who is good at conventions, and how much that helped. I have picked up that trick in several things in my life… “What if I WAS the type of person to wear huge flowers in my hair?” “What if I WAS they type of person who wore a purple sundress over a long sleeve black t-shirt to a baby shower?” etc, etc. And I get to pretend for a few hours or until I actually am that type of person! So maybe you can do some acting coming up. 😉

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