Two Bed-dy Time Lists.

1. I have a LOT of random files
2. I have had a LONG and confusing 2010
3. I am going to have to be a LOT more on the ball and organized from now on
4. I am ALWAYS saying that! 🙂
5. I really am going to have to Not Isolate and make sure that I venture out into the world a little bit more.
6. Tomorrow I am going to a show with Randall

I’m wrapping up for bed. I did a lot, even though I barely made a dent.
1. Cleaning
2. Not enough reading, but a hefty chunk
3. Piano practicing
4. Uploaded a one minute video to the “secret” channel. (i need to be better about these things)
5. Blogged a bit around here and there
6. Hung out online with some folks
7. Worked on some songs that I found
8. Worked on some lyrics that I found
9. Wrote some poetry
10. Organized and archived. A Lot.

I will now go sleepy-sleep… 🙂

Two Bed-dy Time Lists.

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