Nobody’s Fault (vs. 1)

words with empty places
could mean what
one could wish a thing to mean

each wave of white in time
takes space, makes dreams
I fill in blanks
I’m stitching tight the seams

But in the chasms twixt
the a and b,
continents of truth
slip inbetween

a fault line then!
dips neatly under crust!
what’s a white lie –
a concept old as rust!?
chaos scars the Earth in all her lust
and scrapes raw her reality to dust.

make archeology
of all your plans
let others insert
love, leave, need, demands..

quadruple speak
easy to hear, to trace
-so do not make a sound
… so then erase

Then you shall win the game
of hide and seek;
because your hand
slapped nowhere near a cheek

Nobody’s Fault (vs. 1)

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