Envy the Clam

archiving. One day you are were a spewing fountain yearning; thrust-throwing dirty internal organs to regain favor.

Then you look back and realize what you have become and you see your carnage all over the room. You envy the clam that clamps as tight as can be so that hopefully your behavior has both disgusted AND distracted away from some of your secret pearls; and that some of your efforts were truly wasted because of their frequency … You jealously think to guard the few that you have not stupidly cast away, yet. And you resolve to ask for nothing more in begging pleading tones, in obvious fashion. No more “me, me, me.” Only art.

You resolve to treat the vessel in which you live a little more like fine China and less like an aluminum can.

archiving. painful but revealing. shows you where you went wrong. shows you where you went RIGHT.

archiving. shows you that rewarding loyalty was a good instinct.

archiving.. shows you that some fears are paranoia and some fears are just good common sense because there are universal truths and patterns.

archiving, shows you that movie quotations do apply, and much of what we think DOES depend greatly on our point of view.

Some things you can never revisit. No matter what they say in the fairy tales. You have to turn your world around. You have to make plans, lists, and hard copy. Live life with intention.

archiving. a map back to dignity through honesty and memory and reality; proving you were there and that you didn’t just look out the window at that passing prosaic convenience store, pretending that very singular wildlife scenes actually flew by the window; and counted for points in the game.

Envy the Clam

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