Dude, fruit don’t get depressed.

I was going to post a really heartfelt blog full of really revealing stuff. But I’ll post a TMI blog instead. Because when you can’t do one thing, you do another.

1. I cannot decide on a deodorant, so I currently own four sticks. I do not feel that this makes me borgeoise. So can it if you have opinions.
2. I have not done laundry properly in a while, So I’ve been wearing two different socks on my feet. It’s gonna be a thing, but only out of necessity.
3. I’m really sad about some stuff, but maybe I’m worrying unnecessarily. Sometimes I do that. I am Mz. Worse Case Scenario.
4. I am going to get new strings for the old guitar because it’s the one with pickups in it.
5. My locations on the internet are all wildly out of control and when I think about tagging I want to weep uncontrollably like a little bitch-baby.
6. I feel like a stalker and a pain to my family, friends, and loved ones.
7. Aunty Flo is a mean bitch with a long stick of justice and she has been using it to beat the CRAP out of me for a REALLY REALLY long time. Or whatever.
8. there’s other issues. *no pun intended* y’all dont have to read this blog. You CHOOSE to.
9. Here is a limerick about grapefruit to pass time.

There once was a grapefruit named Fred
He was sad so he wished he was dead
yet said friend Watercress
dude! Fruit don’t get depressed!!!
check it! there’s something wrong with your head!!!

10. Come quickly February, oh month with stupid spelling, come….
11. Love all around. 🙂

Dude, fruit don’t get depressed.

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