Invisible Me, Beware of My Sting

There are signs everywhere. And then again, there aren’t.

1. There’s just something about me that’s a little ~~~~~~.
2. I will share the stage and am a good support, but if you don’t pay attention to me I will POUT!
3. I will NEVER EVER forget it if you hurt or betray me.
4. I have a mind like a computer and I remember EVERY inconsistency.
5. I am STUPIDLY loyal and will allow those I love MANY indulgences, sticking through LONG PAST when it’s time to go.
6. I like…. it….
7. I like EVERYBODY.
8. I think EVERYTHING is shaped REAL nice and pretty and it feels good and tastes good and I want to touch it and eat it and taste it and I think you should too so I write SONGS about it and I want to make EVERYBODY feel as funny as … uh … I … do.
9. I think this list should go up to TWELVE, don’t you 😉
10. I LOVE to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and I am really interested in EVERYTHING you think and I think that it MEANS somethinga lotvery significant!
11. My songs and poems all mean something… else.
12. I hide in plain sight, but sometimes I just hide.

You have to move stars and realities to change me. Add other signs. Come to a state of apocalypse.
Nobody knows anything about me. I’ve done and been and seen things that are mine alone. I don’t know why this bothers me. Maybe it’s because I have a lot to lose and nothing is stable right now. Maybe it’s because I am very lonely and when I have friends it’s nice.

I don’t know.
But that’s all this Scorpio’s got to say today.

If you are dissatisfied with being defined in some way, and You do not like to be told who you are and what to do; you are welcome to join #cultofthe12signs along with @Enzerutomoshibi and myself. Tweet it loudly and proudly, with your tongue in your cheek and the fistbump of respect to all your Astronomer and Physics friends who do such good science work.

@Enzerutomoshibi can be found also at

Thank you. Watch the stars. But just cuz they are pretty, interesting, and scientific. That light’s pretty frickkin old, and influenced your ass LONG before these people moved your birthday around in space. 😛

Invisible Me, Beware of My Sting

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