Stealth Weasel Militias will attack your Serenity, if you Allow This.

1. I feel better
2. Sorta
3. I have a lot of work to do for a lot of stuffy-stuff-stuff
4. I feel really odd right now (no, as opposed to the normal “odd,” in which I just feel weird; in that I feel Quite Queerly Strange-io, as though something is eerily OFF (and quite possibly amiss )…
5. I have a lot of people that I’m real excited about but for various reasons I must hold back.
6. I have so MANY things that I want to do but for many reasons I don’t allow myself to just do them.
7. BUT
I have things that I am going after. I am a particular sort of person. Yesterday I was working on a blog and I was phrasing it in a negative way. Maybe I will finish it later, in a positive way. Hmm. Because even though the blog was being written for a negative reason, it was about positive influences.

Have a safe day, everybody. 🙂

ps list.
1. I must get my tags in order!
2. I must begin to link things again!
3. I must become more expedient about how to integrate all my social media and the blogging so that it takes up less time and I can put in more content.
4. I need to figure out how NOT to be so Xondorian about my content that I am putting myself into Awkward Turtle situations.
5. I should forgive myself too. Cuz that’s important.

Morning pages would also be a good idea, as would establishing a nice space in my home both for recording, broadcasting, AND thinking that doesn’t look like it’s been attacked by a Stealth Weasel Militia.

Because they will just GO TO TOWN on your serenity, if you let them.

Oh Spirit or Energy of Influence Over Me,
Please grant me quietness
not to fret about punches that will roll me regardless.
Remove fear so that I may apply true actions to all situations with discretion
and eyes that see to determine these things…
because there are people-sized weasels, and vampires, and zombies, and other
Media Popular creatures eating my brains –
so it’s hard to remember
My Prayers.

-Signed Denise.
the Xondorian.

Stealth Weasel Militias will attack your Serenity, if you Allow This.

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