3 More, then we’re spent!

One is a poem I wrote about submission. The religious kind.
The second is probably a rare peek that you will get into my marriage, or at least how I saw it when I wrote the poem
The third is a self observation verse.


If you let yourself be violated
Is it still a violation?
If you lie and spread out soul to marrow
Of your own volition
Is it invitation?
Can you attain salvation
with the flinging of a gesture
of self-denial?

… if you make an altar of your life;
confuse submission with obeisance …

When your hastily laid compliance
cracks wide open with the pressure
of your crushed and entombed,
orange and green defiance
are you ravaged
like a virgin painted fresh for sacrifice?



I’ve come to feel
(but really more to see)
Our situation’s really functional
It’s got both form – and
Its Utility
So it really
Is a marriage …

It doesn’t really need to bleed
Or shudder silly open like a bud
With shivering corners
Petals falling off
Which don’t make sense
That would be a thing
that is a good idea in theory
But slices through all of the rules in practice
Like a kitten or a leaf
a wave, a poem
a socialist regime

Romance is such a fine topic
To exhale through the air
Between routine
And all the “normals”
The tens and twos
The you-know-whos
The codes, my modes
These poems
Which maybe you’ve no longer known.



Look at me
Admire me
But do it quickly
Because this lovely
or repulsive form you see
(take your pick!)
has been commanded now
to shed its plastic
and dissolve into
a thousand quivering stars …

3 More, then we’re spent!

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