Duality Thinking

I’m writing something bigger, so I’m not really gonna get
into it. But we blog sometimes to express our anger. So this will
just be a little one. I’m laying down for a bit avoiding
painkillers because I don’t feel good and it takes me longer than a
normal person to heal. I have lots of stuff I’d like to be doing. I
remember when I was video-ing myself a lot. I have not completed a
song for over a week. Altho I wrote taco lyrics. I don’t know if
that counts though. I was looking at some Denise stuff thinking
“gee” .. and also looking at the Duality stuff because of the last
Spintunes. In the first Spintunes, it didn’t go so well for me, but
for some reason I’ve been able to shake it off and ‘Invisible Girl’
has become to some folks a ‘cupcake’ level identifier tune. I went
on to write more polished stuff after eliminations and cooler
reviews. I don’t think I was prepped for it to be such with
Duality. I think we handled ourselves well. I think we placed
ourselves in space as an entity and not a nebulous idea. My goal
was to take our place there as a thing. Not to be messed with. Like
Godz Poodlz. But that’s in the decisions of the participants. If we
disbanded Duality, I’m not sure there would be outcry. But the
trick to these things is not to care and that is what makes a band.
You have to have rules and understanding about that sort of thing.
I remember looking at Russ and Rhod once and thinkinking, whatever
else, they are a thing and they are going to decide what the next
Poodlz move is. And Russ is so good about that kind of thing. Maybe
I should give Joebrain his brain back, even though he never didn’t
have it. And by that I mean stop worrying that I’ve been made of
peanut butter upstairs. I think I worry because so many people are
disloyal and don’t stick and have been mean and abandon-y. Music is
fickle. I wish Duality had been better received by the judges and
everyone or whoever during that contest. I think I’m still sad
about that. But I guess we are not a contest band. Maybe we are a
sounds band. A heart band. A “see where it goes,” “does this FEEL
okay?” band. Maybe we are trying to do something we are not being
allowed to do or are not equipped for by ourselves. I thought of
singing some of our songs for the contest; but the songs wanted Joe
to say what they had to say. I needed to hear something inside the
parts. We didn’t do everything right, but we learned what we did
wrong. And we learned it fast. And I think it’s all going to be
okay. Feedback is good. But you have to be strong on the inside,
and not swallow any disbelief if you want to keep going on
something that you think might work for you. Even if it is just
there to make the rest of you work even more completely; better.
And this is my professional opinion. 🙂 – Posted using BlogPress
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Duality Thinking

2 thoughts on “Duality Thinking

  1. I think you’re being awfully hard on yourself and on Duality! It was one contest with a handful of judges and what, 30 some participants? Now that’s not to say that they aren’t all great people with opinions worth valuing, but at the same time, in the wide world of people, it’s really not that many. I mean, maybe after all you are not a contest band, but I hope that decision would come from you two rather than from the results of one contest. It’s also normal for a band to change and evolve and become more clear about who and what they are as time goes on. I think y’all are doing just great and I hope you keep it up! ❤

  2. Your belief means so much. Especially right now when I have been feeling useless and unwell and have lost songwriting partners and bands before because of being sick. Youve been so good to us! I think you are a real pillar of our community 🙂

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