‘She Finds a Way’

I talked with a few people about this poem. And I wasn’t going to post it. I became unsure.

This is a poem I’ve been working on for a while. I’m not going to explain it overly much.

The thing about my work, my poetry, my songs even, is that I am a puzzle.. a little bit puzzling. One of my girlfriends thought that it was about another experience that I had gone through that *she* knew about with me, long ago. I looked at it and laughed.. Because it really could have been. This made me happy, because I supposed this meant that the poem could be universal.

So I don’t feel that I rail at anything, I don’t feel bitchy, I don’t feel bad. I feel like a woman trying to claim her space when my space is not often honored. When she is not often sure of her support systems or alliances. And when she must ultimately own and rely on her decisions and herself.

This is yes, about issues of mine, and also yes, about general things too. It’s just like my songs. I’m fine with this.



It seems I’ve made
a dastardly mistake.
The colors swirl around me
in this supple fourth estate.
You would think
that I would see them
but I isolate;
I freeze into
a smear of ink, a spot of pink,
a woman
with no place to think.

I had a place
for a short while–
a secret span of smiles.
My brethren never understood
my metaphorical miles.
You would think
that they would see them,
for they stained the tiles
of kitchen floors, of chairs,
of stairs
and I find
…I just don’t care no more

Hear that–
‘I do not care!’
I need …
(my bones are hungry mouths to feed)
go ahead!
Interpret me.
Ask why you are
surprised at what you find
beneath my sheets.

And go ahead …
If it occurs
to spring at once to anger,
grasp quickly at your pointed staff of hasty little apostrophes.
I should think
you would know better
than to fling these afterthoughts at me
(I have been no-one for so long,
you see).

I have let you fly high above
in peaceful, unconcerned, un-careful, haughty
and they incur a burn in me.
But small words have their power–
My power lies in things I’ve done.
Places where I’ve made space.
Flowers that I have opened.
…and in love that finds a way

‘She Finds a Way’

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