New Leaves

1. In bed, writing a blog. Husband showering.. #tmi 😉
2. Yes, I’ve been a little sick. But it’s time to get over it and move on.
3. I wrote some lyrics this morning. They were hard to write, but not TOO hard.
4. Today I need to make sure that my plugins made it onboard the new computer.
5. I have decided against Pianoteq Pro for now until I have figured out a way to make it pay for itself live and in recordings.
6. It’s the end of the year and I’ve made good progress. It was mostly about picking up skills for me. I’ve learned SO VERY MUCH! 🙂
incredible feeling just how close in incredible some of these relationships have become and how much I would have to rebuild without them.

I really actually do try to keep my live private. I really DON’T talk about husband, family, emotions, even online and realtime friends

New Leaves

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