I thought I’d make a list.

1. I went to the hospital. The reasons for this are part of a long complicated story, but at the beginning of the story is another medical procedure that affected my system. We’ll think of it as “the procedure.” That’s my part of the story that I’ll keep for now.
2. I was already at the hospital because another family member was there. So we were supporting him. While I was there they think I had one of these.
3. This is due to a combination of temporary factors that are being changed as we speak. Some of them can be changed.
4. I have a lot of drafts of a lot of blogs and a lot of blogs that I am writing a lot of drafts in. That doesn’t make sense. Basically that means that I’ve been isolating and that I haven’t been feelin’ it lately. I have been over-tweeting, but you can overtweet and still be isolating. I think I’ve been engaging in sadness and subversive behavior. I’m not really the old Den.


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