Um … Uh … #grainofsaltpleeze

I found this in my writing folder. I’m cleaning some stuff up. I may put it in something, I may not. This is a bit of HiddenDen. The ImpoliteMe. DarkSideo’Xondor.

Sorry if I offend a bit.

I wrote this last year. I think something or other pissed me off. I live in Austin, where we have Many Hippy-esque Requirements and must Look Healthily Perky in A Certain Fashion but also with Non-Hectic Intensity. You know …….
……….real cool man!

It is hard, in this day and age, not to be a gossip. It is difficult, now in this time of the destruction of churches – to write a moral treatise. This is a time of sound bytes and tell-all autobiographies. Of tabloids that are mistaken for news magazines. The news itself has degenerated into tabloids. People say more and more:

“Oh my GOD! Did you get that from ‘The Onion?’

The Onion is lampooning us, but we have ceased to “get it.” We do not see the parody that we make of ourselves. A secret is a juicy beef burger, splayed wantonly across the glistening satin sheets of the flat-screen high-def television set. We are the Fad Vegetarian who has reached goal weight. We can eat that juicy burger now. Go and get it. You’ve got the all natural laxative tea in your pantry. You can start your fast on Monday.

No one will ever have to know.

Um … Uh … #grainofsaltpleeze

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