1. I don’t understand the medical industry. Elaborating is full of personal story, but it truly IS an industry and guess what..?

I DON’T think it’s going to improve under Obama. Or anyone else.

2. I am tired of being overlooked and ignored. If I’m going to be overlooked and ignores, I would like to be doing it in a sitch that is comfortable and awesome, and not cold, smelly, shouty, stupidy, messy-but-with-no-energy-to-fix-it-y, and dumb.

3. My *computer* hurts. And I need to get organized and do work.

4. It bothers me that I’m whining and it’s not Fashionable or Professionable to talk about why I am whining. It bothers me that I have a very bitchy diatribe to spew forth on this but I am refraining. Refraining is hard, and you are Not Seen Muchly.

Now that MY silly and boring thoughts of little consequence are over, here is some refreshing light tuneage:


Under it is more acerbic ranting, which thankfully you don’t have to see.

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