I’m getting a little frustrated.
I’m antsy
I’m ready to do new things
I have lots of exciting new ideas
I always have big, neat plans.
My brain doesn’t stop.
I need to be around people who take me REAL seriously, and believe in me.
I get itchy feet.
When I can’t s-t-r-e-t-c-h… I get apathetic about stuff.
If I don’t feel ownership over a thing, I’ll fade away. That’s what happened here locally. I stopped caring. I became virtual den.

I never last long in any one phase. It is just my nature I s’pose. I edit many of my thoughts. I judge and weigh. I’m actually quite a snob, because I have expectations rarely met. I’m often disappointed, but I’m very polite.

I’ve been thinking these things as I’ve gone out this weekend and moved silently as usual through the world. Everything that occurs or does not occur is a sign. significant. Pointing me toward, or away.


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