its lonely out in space

1. I’ve been having a hell of a time.
2. We all cope with…shit…in different ways.
3. When I tried to stand up for women, metaphorically, 1-of-two things would happen. I’d be left standing naked in church all alone

[an aside: my fat ass is NOT going to make any retweets. But Iove it anyway. Sorry fellas]

So I’d be told that, or I’d be told something like “don’t touch the mixer, babe.” metaphorically ..
That’s all that.
4. I just tweeted someone I don’t know based solely on their photo. What the hell? Cheeky today, I am
5. I think I feel better. Yesterday was definitely a bad brain day.
6. Just because you don’t think you can doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.
7. Today I am feeling admiration, shame, thankfulness, productivity, protectiveness, indignation, eyerollishness, ESP, fear, calm, feisty, creative, and like I miss some people a lot.

I have regret. But how can you regret things you don’t know, or understand, or can’t control?

Emo, yes, but smily and in a better mood..

its lonely out in space

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