in fact it’s cold as hell

I think that it is only the mentally ill who can:

1. have a new, phantom embarrassing disease every week that is embarrassing and stupid.
2. see significance and pattern in places where there is indeed significance and pattern but NO ONE else sees it, and so doomed-yes-doomed are you
3. alienate at 5 paces
4. offer up their identities, neatly packaged, to be taken and mishandled.
5. have 23 heartbreaks a day.
6. not own their spaces due to their discomfort within them
7. invite others inside those spaces for psychic rape and pillage.. and burning
8. forget how to call the mothership because trusting the humans has made you weak, soft, and stupid.

Ground control to Major Tom..
Cadet IG in the house. I need a ride back to Xondor please. Back to practice. Yes, those are my hammers I hear calling. I know because I made them.

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in fact it’s cold as hell

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