1. Have whacked ankle
2. Have written stellar new piano part
3. Have received 3 wakeup calls
4. Have ventured out several times this week
5. Have submitted 2 songs
6. Have sung lead vocals on 0.
7. Have played substantial parts in both.
8. Have produced, hardly any
9. Monitors up: none
10. Hearing: slightly damaged
11. Outlook: cynical
12. appetite: poor
13. habits: bad
14. intellect: shoddy
15. appearance: rather hot lately
16. humor: mild, with a southeast wind blowing in from Sarcaslavania
17. House: in disarray
18. Collaboration: strong and maturing nicely
19. feeling about appearance of collaboration: paranoid
20. appearance of collaborations: who cares?
21. all work, including solo stuff: hopelessly behind
22. Alienation-y behavior:
unfortunate, high, specific, and upsetting. Cryptic me.
23. deadline: fast approaching

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