The Curious Australian

The Australian was stressed yesterday.

It was odd. We were supposed to spend the evening together. But he seriously seemed a bit pained at the thought of having to talk about anything. He seemed relieved when I asked if I could stay upstairs and finish a little something that I had going on. So I did that, and he was downstairs watching television.

I have a group of online music friends, and so when it was finally time to hang out on the back porch and kick back.. he was on his phone. So I just popped onto the chat. Soon I was back inside and he stayed outside reading and having his cigar.

He came back inside and fell asleep on the couch!

I felt like we didn’t have any time together. But he said the he “felt my presence.”

I felt like a bad wife who spends no time with her husband. I guess I just don’t get it. Or maybe I am going through something. Randall was out and so the family feeling I had become accustomed to was … off. And I have been living in my cave almost full time, even though it is very messy.

Maybe it is a tough adjustment into the shared household and I am not used to the shared time vibe and wonder what my responsibilities are.

Maybe I am the one acting curiously. Hmmm. If everyone else is comfortable, perhaps I should chill out…

The Curious Australian

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