Nightmare Before Halloween

Last night I dreamed I was singing a song about whales. I was excited because I was in a jazz trio. But we were gonna go experimental in the bridge.

I’d decided I was going to make whale noises and play the piano. It was a decision I was proud of and had worked on even though it sounds weird. I wanted to do like a jazz version of what Ozzy’s band did in ‘No More Tears.’

When I tried to do it it was beautiful and it sounded like this piece that I am working on right now that has an orchestra of individual string parts. I’m using a cover to build up the parts.

There was someone I knew up in the light booth helping and he was doing amazing things with the lights.

Some of what happened next is private, and a little tmi. It’s not gross or anything. It would just be over-sharing, and maybe breaking confidences.

What came out of it though was an ampersand brand stamped on my left back shoulder and being dragged off the stage. I heard a sound of someone being stabbed in the booth (not the movie sound, but the way a blade into somebody forcibly might sound in real life)…

I was tied and made to sit in the corner. There are these flowers that look like sunflowers that aren’t (they’re red). We saw them go by on the side of a truck the other day (in real life) and Mike told me what they were. I can’t remember.

I was made to hold about seven or eight of them in my mouth. I could hardly breathe.

In the end, my chair fell over. My bonds were loose. A faceless guy who had to guard me was sleeping so I scootched away to a door. It had a mic cable running underneath it. The door had a scary picture on it though so I didn’t want to go in.

I opened the door anyway and there was a bathtub in a forest. My microphone was there and my pillow I sleep in with my nightshirt next to it.

In the dream I made myself wake up because I felt like someone Very Dangerous was behind me.

I don’t normally dream this vividly with such specific detail remembered.

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Nightmare Before Halloween

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