1. addicted to blogging
2. really hard day
3. paranoid and sad
4. sick and worried and thinking about the past
5. afraid of losing everything that I love and have worked really hard for in life
6. freaked out and disorganized
7. really don’t know why I smell like a pickle
8. neck hurts
9. sound like Old Lady
10. cannot Play Piano or Guitar
11. have Cute Hair Accessories.
12. am losing lots of weight, but FOR WHAT??? for WHAT????
13. Am a texas chick musician who does not like to leave the house.
14. feels more and more like a very NON-FAMOUS MegWhite every day, with less rhythm, a larger ass, more grey hair, less sex appeal, not one-tenth the clout of.
15. a man, a plan, a canal. Panama.
16. I told my husband I was coming down ages ago
17. I think I have ocd.
18. have flung phone into keyboard
19. Randall can fix it
20. keep public tweeting when I mean to DM! ack….


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