a piece of what I prepared (“eagles nest”)

I just wrote another set of lyrics, and I really wanna work on this song before I do anything else.

The piano part flooded into my head, fully formed, like destiny. I was out at dinner with my family.

I am very excited about this one. It’s actually going to be double meaning layered- which I love, and a continuation of something of mine, which is fitting.

I feel like I’m coming back to me a little bit, which is good. A piano is a safe place. It’s a place of firm landings and sturdy chords and solidity. You may build something on it which has structure. Something of your own which is indisputable.

I’ll probably leave this here as an update because this will be a very isolate-y week for me. That is my plan. I will take a page from Heather’s book.

Morning pages put you in a community of your own mind – and pull you out of a very lonely stagnant night.

And I am very sensitive to artistic annihilation when I am trying to make something beautiful.

This is a special song for me this time and I can’t afford to get distracted or psyched out. I have to have quiet and I need to be where there are beautiful things. There needs to be love and safety all around and this one Cannot go Horribly Wrong.

I have plans for it 🙂

a piece of what I prepared (“eagles nest”)

3 thoughts on “a piece of what I prepared (“eagles nest”)

  1. Hooray! I did a Fearless Songwriting Week after ST1 and it was suddenly, amazingly refreshing to write with no limits, boundaries or assignments. I don’t think I would have been so driven and daring if I was not bursting out of boundaries though. (I was taking some online songwriting classes that were very restrictive in the assignments as well). To paraphrase a favorite quote related to songwriting I heard once “It’s crap that makes the flowers grow.” NOT that I am calling any of your previous stuff crap, no no no!!!!! Just that if YOU feel any of it is crap for some reason, maybe you can feel better about it if you consider it fertilizer for your song right now?

    Sigh, I am procrastinating a blog and my song for today, I WILL do them before I sleep dagnabit!!

  2. Hoo-to-the-ray! I can’t wait to hear your new stuff, whenever it’s ready. By that I mean I CAN wait because I want you to feel awesome about it before you share! ha!

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