Tattoo: the Way

I have a tattoo. It’s from the Hagakure, Book of the Samurai. I have never read it, it’s like a code of conduct. As well as 23, I like 9s, and the number 5.

It was my friend Jay who suggested the Tat. Jay is always trying to better himself as well.

Jay reads a lot. He always has. I used to also read a lot.

I don’t know the last time that it was I finished a book. It’s gotten worse than that. I’m having trouble staying on point and completing tasks. I flit aimlessly about from project to project, losing focus. This really isn’t like me… I was someone who was verydriven. I had a tunnel vision ethic about practice.

I practiced today and it felt really good. Practicing ALWAYS feels good, but the practicing thing hasn’t gotten to REALLY take hold of me in a meaningful way because I’m in a place now where it’s not feasible for me to do what I have always done. This is to practice whenever I want to. I can’t do that anymore. And I used to be able to.

I have been running to the piano at every precious opportunity. I am putting together sets. Right now I’m doing it in a desperate way. I’m multiple tasking and learning music that I can also film for videos. At some point I’ll learn covers that will work with videos, that can be played solo, that can bedone by Duality, and that maybe are public domain if we are lucky.

I need to write a story of a song. But I’m just SO tired right now!

Here’s what I have to focus on. Its just five things

1. Piano Practice
2. Making lists
3. Doing morning pages, which I’ve talked about with my friend Heather. I will explain all of this and also link her tomorrow. She’s Lyrical Venus from the radio and the contest and stuff.
4. Keep my folders and computer in ORDER!!
5. get enough food and sleep.

That’s it. That’s all I have to do. If I do all that, everything else will fall into place. Everything else can come or go and I will learn to take life as it dishes itself out to me. If I have a firm foundation though and a firm backbone, I cam do ANYTHING!

and all I have to do is count the birds on my wrist.

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Tattoo: the Way

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