I don’t know if I’ve published this in the blog yet. But with all this twitter-talk of theory, and with the lack of control I’ve had over my writing, and reading, and playing, and thinking lately – it’s worth another go.

has turned the subtle
into gauzy transparency
understanding my perception
would bring nothing
but release

But fear of the
strange convention
time and tradition
will make dreams I have
of taking a taste
(of a something
that maybe should not
go to waste)
-it will twist fading mysteries
and warm sharp intensities
into tawdry insanities
held by the unchaste

So I will be vague
-as vague as a chord
that changes its third at its whim.
It’s not meant to do this!
It should follow the rules!
But obsession itself is my lover..
and I remain one of its fools.

-Feb. 2010


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