tiny morning pre-piano bloglet

1. Would it perhaps be called a blogling? No.. bloglet is better.
2. I am very tired all the time lately. I know it is a mental, body thing, and I think maybe it will wind the other way soon-ish. I do not know if this is good or bad (it’s VERY good for getting things done!)
3. Going outside last night helped a LOT.
4. I had a dream I made a video on my out of tune piano. I had to YELLsing,
5. I talked about videos in real life, and I think that I will go to Josh’s CD release no matter what because I’ve BEEN here for this one.
6. I’m not really getting enough cheese lately, I feel, and this is probably why I have lost more weight. I would rather have the cheese, but I have a little mean rock in my chest that squeezes and nauseates.
7. I need to clean pianoteq!
8. I need to be able to see the floor in here, and when I finish this track and make some vocals I get to set up my desk.

This thing is due TODAY.

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tiny morning pre-piano bloglet

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