life in another D-mention

1. I’m going to make a nice constructive list about how neutral I feel, about neutral topics. This is because I am a Constructive Human Being, that Plays Well With Others.
2. I feel like I am part of a thriving time of possibility and wonder. Things are going super-fantastically. I cannot wipe the smile off my slap-happy-tastic face.
3. I am coping with this move uber-super-dooper-pooper-scooper-well. I do not growl, or whine, or mope, or cry.
4. All my belongings are unpacked, and put neatly away.
5. My ship is in tip-top repair, and I am ready to go visit the mothership and get nice supplies such as Xondorian sweeties and that fizzy stuff I like to drink.
6. When I am recording things, I do so in an expedient fashion, focusing intently on my task and phasing out all sounds around me. I am able to just HONE in on exactly what needs to be done, just like a good Xondorian should.
7. I have shitloads of time and impetus to practice piano.
8. I have EXCELLENT technique.
9. I am getting paid LOTS of money to make music.
10. I am pretty and well groomed and have excellent hygiene. I am the first person you run to when you think of fun. When you think of good conversation and calming diversion and just … frickkin … WIT and relaxation, GOD … I am the person to flock to!! S-E-X on a STICK! Because I am not high strung in the least.

Humor makes me calm.

Back to the pit.

life in another D-mention

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