ackity ack.

1. I can play the piano really well now. It doesn’t take much apparently to get it back. Unfortunately I am no longer creative.
2. Mike says that I do this every time. “Did I do this before ‘Invisible Girl?’ .. “Yes.” “Did I do this before ‘Bluebeard?’ ” “Yes”…
3. I was telling him after I had too much ketchup this morning (can there be such a thing? Yes there CAN!) that I cannot put everyone through this creative upheaval everytime there is a song deadline when I live with a recording engineer who is mixing records across the hall.
4. Is “ketchup” spelled “k-e-t-c-h-u-p” or “cat-sup?” I think it’s the former, but I am delerious and my bra is digging into the side of my right boob from where I fell asleep in the couch.
5. When you have too much ketchup, you feel really weird and hopped up.

I will add the tags later.

ackity ack.

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