I’m going to blog now

I am very upset. The reason that I am upset is that I’m sick. For many reasons, I am a real baby about getting sick. And if I get sick, it’s hard for me to get better, so I get pretty scared.

When I get sick I have half a brain. This is half of the 3/4 of a brain that I usually walk around with. I don’t respond well to medication.

I tend to drive people away when I am sick, which is bad because that is usually when I need them the most. It’s a double whammy, because you’re usually also contagious and gross.

If I have any work to do, I can’t keep my mind on it very well. It doesn’t get done like it should. Fear mounts and I feel everything slipping away. The world goes on without me. I’ve been sick before, and I stayed sick. So every time I GET sick, I think, am I going to stay sick this time too, and not be able to get any work done? Is this it for me?

A little dramatic, I s’pose. But when there has been a lot of silence around you a lot of the time, and you have worked really HARD to overcome that … you are afraid of everything you’ve built just disappearing in the wind.

I’m going to blog now

2 thoughts on “I’m going to blog now

  1. Hugs for you!!!! I hope you can give yourself a break and just REST and focus on resting so you DO get better, faster than slower.

    How do you respond to stuff like juice & water & soup & vitamins & sleep? ā¤ I know that stuff is good for me, I've been doing that to ward off a cold and so far I have not succumbed!

  2. Denise Hudson says:

    I’m trying to rest more and I’m eating my crazy cereal every morning. They gave me meds to knock it out so I’m getting yogurt to help bring back the creatures.

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