short sarcastic poetry break

I’m in the middle of a long, tiring posting. I thought I’d post a poem I may have posted before. This is because friend and fellow Austinite Brett Randell posted a nice poem that was wistful and image filled and sad. It reminded me of moving and leaving things behind and almost-cryings.

But this is the poem I feel like today. Because I am angry and pissy and creeped out and viscious. Perhaps it is because I am moving and there is still so much to pack. I don’t know. Maybe I still have a lot of practicing to do. I have a LOT to do. But maybe it is because I see so much STUFF that just …
… bothers me and I just don’t… SAY … anything.

Who knows these things.


So you are sarcastic –
I applaud, for never since
the dawn of time
has anyone accomplished this;
this subtlety!

Perhaps one day you will be asked to host your
own sardonic version of what 
nights like this should be!

Your tone suggests a firm hand,
it suggests that
we would not go gently  

(and my friends
just occasionally
wonder why
I hold my mystic cards of rhyme
So close beside
My own Vest.)

Incidentally with some restraint 
I write of this …
and other small
artistic humiliations
but I hesitate to share them… 

I cringe! I have already penned
your scathing crisp lampoon of me!
It is a pretest I have taken..
failed abyssmally.
This exam of twists,
of course it leaves me shaken
I’m an offering of unwanted mincemeat now
at the great bright vegetarian buffet
you have created  

short sarcastic poetry break

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