1. The opposite of love is indifference, not hate. And this has two meanings.
2. If you’re a wise goblin, and you fear a Thing because it threatens you, your best bet is to define it to be a thing of little significance.
3. Procrastination happens because sometimes there is progress to be gained at the end of a journey.
4. Solitude is frightening because it gives one too much time to think.
5. The need to be included is time consuming and distracting. It is also paradoxically stench inducing. There is nothing as intoxicating as the sweet scent of not giving a rat’s ass.
5. Diet coke is the nectar of the gods. Everyone is sucking on the tailpipe of something. You may as well judge me for this. If you say you’re not inclined to judge me, sit tight, I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

I’m a sillystraw that can’t seem to act right or please people even though pleasing people is my MO. So you rest assured, I’m doing SOMETHING you don’t approve of…

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