Venus picThat was a scary time! I think I pulled it off though… That’s what I was told. It’s certainly going farther and wider than I’ve been before! Eek!

This is the rest of Bluebeard, so you can actually hear about Joe, who I was talking about a bit. I’ve been working a lot on his material.

I did mention John who I play with, because we’re in prep for recording his album.

I did not mention that I am practicing for a new band I am in. I will start playing with them when I’ve rehearsed a bit and learned some music.

I mostly just talked about stuff that pertained to me and was special about how I got started and how I am continuing on now. I probably would have talked more about Spintunes if I’d been interviewed earlier in the month. I should have congratulated Kevin, particularly after the nice things that he said about me in his blog … but I am a prize idiot-dolty Mcfreak with a TapeWorm living in me. The tapeworm has a twitter account, although it has been silent for quite some time. Which is good. It swears.

I didn’t really want to go into the massive denFAIL though and talk about Flextime (caution: RACY!) and the ups and downs of songcontests and my artistic over-reactions to reviews in the writing process and all that. That’s a Story of a Song (edric does these really well and I think he started these, some of his are here).

I react to reviews as information about how the public would react to a song I write, and adjust accordingly. I over-adjusted this time and I think I went overboard with ‘Flex Time’ based on an ‘Invisible Girl‘ review. Or maybe I am just not everyone’s cuppa tea. That’s always a possibility.

I shouldn’t call it a denFAIL either, because people that are awesome got knocked out in round two just like I did. Heather of Lyrical Venus who just interviewed me wrote my favorite song of the third round. Hers was a shadow. I can’t remember if she got knocked out of play like I did, because I was too busy feeling like the bottom of a fifth.

I’m really glad I got the remaster of ‘Duality Cupcake’ in for her to play though. I really am addicted to these contests. I wonder how much I offended people, talking about addiction. Who knows these things. I am though, there’s truth to it. I really do write an alarming amount of songs each round and I really do get REALLY fixated on each activity. I wrote a blog about practice once.

Anyway, I’ll be putting Cupcake (Joe maintains that the title is “Why”!) up later. I haven’t decided if I want to work on it more. I re-recorded the vocals for ‘Stranded‘ (a Nur Ein entry), yesterday and I hate them! So it’s a slippery slope. Maybe I need to do a full re-work-up (also a slipperyslope)

I definately would have talked more about ‘Liberty: Wish You Were Here‘ because that is a killer collab and one of the most complex things I’ve done with a person. If I could go back and remember ANYTHING, up there with forgetting to talk about pertinent family things, I didn’t mention knowing Dave Leigh. Dave is in a pretty efficient and seasoned songwriting team and went up in the final round of six. He’ll judge in a contest at some point. We still need to make a video for our tune. Dave is good at just spittin out the videos. Dave has been very personally supportive as well.

I sorta wanted to talk about songfight and didn’t (nobody ever talks about fight club either). I was thinking about it and sent my song into the show, but mostly we ran out of time. Now we’ll all just have to wait like everyone else.

That’s why I’m not talking about Travis Norris. I will also leave the watermelon alone. Because I suck.

I also suck at going to the post office, and I’m sorry. I’m going this week. I am SO lame. And at a lot of things that should be priorities but have become -notpriorities. I’m not good at that.

I’m not meant to be “pimpin'” songfight, so if you remember to go look for it yourself next-weekish, go listen to all the songs and if you like mine I’m there under an alias-y name. Vote for it. Or not. Vote for ALL the songs you like. There’s not a limit, I don’t think. My entry is technically “radio mastered,” although I tried to give it a kind of edge and was very scrapey with the tuning, leaving my vocals raw and quite exposed singing long painful phrases. It’s hard to hear. A bit naked. I don’t know what I was thinking, exactly.

I DID want to talk about Nur Ein, because being in Nur Ein was good for me and I loved it until I got sick and had to drop out. Actually, I can think of MANY things to talk about now that I’ve been in an interview. This makes me very motivated about blogging, and my fall projects.

I am now going to nap, and concentrate on my moving and probably write more songs later since I am an addict. And plan my next move. Because I have one, you can be sure. I’m constantly plotting. 🙂

So, I think I did well, except for thinking constantly of about seventeen things with the over-arching thing:

“DON’T SAY ‘UM!!!'”

Keep coming back here. I had a good time talking and there’s a lot more to tell 🙂 I’m sure that the people Heather meets all have amazing stories so keep meeting people. She’s doing a good thing. And keep listening.


3 thoughts on “DON’T SAY UM

  1. That was so fun! Thank you!! I told you 30 minutes goes by FAST! I am such an ummer myself, I didn’t realize until I was trying real hard to chop down a pre-recorded call to fit inside of 30 minutes by snipping out each um, erh, uhh, etc. It was shocking the number of minutes I was able to trim. I like to think I’ve gotten a bit better at it since then, but I’m not sure…

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