want vs. need

1. I WANT …
– to stay up late and work
– to practice for several hours all of a sudden
– to put all my v-blogging I’ve done into one cohesive video that answers EVERYONE’S QUESTIONS.

2. I NEED …
– to go to sleep, because I’ve been “under the weather
– to take it slow, during more normal hours, because I haven’t been practicing normally (for Denise)
– to not hit my “vast audience” over the head with massive amounts of back blogging

2. I WANT …
– to MASS APOLOGIZE to certain friends and loved ones and family members with grandiose and overwhelming gestures for my rampant insantiy
– to do things that would frighten the internet were I to even TYPE them!
– to take over the galaxy with sudden energetic awesomeness.
– to book a trillion gigs this very month

3. I NEED …
– to chill the $%*$ out. and communicate. communication is good. yay communication.
– to relax and trust that everything is going to be okay and that I know what I’m doing.
– to drink less coffee in the near future
– to call just a few places and not get all freaky.

4. I should probably make a few reasonable lists.
5. Why yes, I am a list addict. How did You Know?

want vs. need

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