Fourth Estate

The world,
flushed with
(an aspect of reality
that may not
even be considered
casts greedy eyes about
for its deceiver …
And this is true of all of us –
the offspring of a pattern
we believe in.

Send surreptitious glares
around the room
and pray that like an arrow
loosed true from the bolt
an easy mark is found …
a place to place the anger –
true feeling
in response to untruths spoken …
Yet when we search for culpability
to find the birth of fraud,
we see a line of lies
that stretch back ropelike
from father to daughter,
mother, son,
grandmother …
in some chain unbroken
since the dawn of time.

Who was the first to settle on
the status quo?
Who told you that your feelings
must be masked behind
a pair of limpid eyes
and countenance as smooth
and Unmarred
as some virgin snow?
And how to fire
that ire
at something more substantial
than some floating concept of denial?

Now that the virtual tower of Babel
looms to some false pinnacle,
we sift through sheaves of pretense
in search of one small document of real.
We cannot glean the origin of blame.
And where to put our centuries of hate?
… now that we have no place
is it too late
to blame the fourth estate?

Fourth Estate

One thought on “Fourth Estate

  1. Fleshvine says:

    Just read your previous blog entry. Whatever your process is, your lyrics and your music kick ass.

    So just keep banging your head against that wall darlin’. It’s all worth it.


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