DO NOT ‘undress’ this blog until SPINTUNES TIME … ;)

I don’t have much time, so here’s my little sumthin-sumthin …

STORY of a SONG, part one …

for now!!!


1. This song is about flirting with rule breaking.

2. I use two very “good citizens.” They are different from one another, but find each other very alluring. They are attracted to each other, because they both have the use of triplets in common, 6/8 and 4/4 … but Common and Compound handle that sexy little roll of notes differently. A 4/4 will contain it and hold it back, a 6/8 will be ruled by it in both its beats and if it splits the measure into duplets the whole character changes. It requires so much DISCIPLINE.

3. We are not specifically TOLD that we have to use TWO time signatures. We are told that nowhere in the rules. So I throw in an odd shift every now and again on the eighth note every now and again you will find a 5/8, or a 3/8.

4. Now I KNOW  I got kinda frisky with this! Well..

5. Maybe it’s about time travel, maybe it’s about time signatures. Maybe it’s about other stuff.

6. And if it is, that’s okay!

It’s PERFECTLY OKAY … to write about recipes and lemonade. 🙂

DO NOT ‘undress’ this blog until SPINTUNES TIME … ;)

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