I know it PAINS you …….

I’m going to make a proper post soon.

Part of the reason though, that I HAVEN’T made a proper post though, is that the internet is a cold, awful place full of oversensitive/insensitive jerkyMcjerks who kick sand on one another in the mean mean play ground. And it’s really cutthroat and mean and nasty. And it makes me mad. And I’m not talking about anything specific. I don’t want to be asked. I don’t want to explain.


and you can all just kiss off into the air.

It’s all about camels, and straws, and backs.

So I liked this nice, little video. It’s really how I feel about things. Because I try really hard.

So pretty please, with sugar on top, is it REALLY all that GDMFhard, to show some consideration. I know …

I don’t want anyone to break a damn sweat or anything.

I know it PAINS you …….

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