Finally, a list HERE

1. I haven’t been listing, or blogging, here.
2. I have HELLA family videos that are like freak-a-ton funny. I’m gonna try to post them up in chronological order.
3. I have this wacky idea of making my ‘Invisible Girl’ video part of a trilogy set of videos with two of my Nur Ein videos. I just am not sure how to film the third one.
4. I get so JEALOUS of other musicians sometimes. And that’s really not like me. It’s not a part of me that I like. I’m one of those people that thinks there really is enough room for everyone to succeed.
5. I think it’s a lipstick day out today. The sun is gorgeous and I feel fun and neat and flirty and not all middle aged on days like that. I like it šŸ™‚
6. I might record something later today, if there is time, but I do have family in town

I have so much to tell but I gotta go. My sister-in-law is calling!

Loveyoubyebye šŸ™‚

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Finally, a list HERE

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